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I believe the best massage comes through partnership. I will use my skills, my knowledge, my experience to customize the best massage for you. I may need information about injuries or accidents in the past, but feedback in the moment is invaluable. What are you feeling? Anything unexpected? Are we ready to move on or do we need to linger in this area for a little longer? There is a time for everything. You are free. Speak when you need to, rest and quiet your mind when you need to. This is your time to tune into your body and receive care.

Therapy Room

60 minute, 90 minute, and 120 minute availability

Hi, I'm Beth

I had been a Nurse Assistant for 8 years when I fell in love with massage therapy and holistic healing. In 2016,  I was given the opportunity to go back to school and transition into Massage Therapy and I absolutely love it. 

I love the hands on care. I love using the same concepts and understanding about the human body and shaping that into a very special, custom massage for each client. I love the insight that I had the privilege of learning by working beside a chiropractor. The human body is beautiful and amazing and complex. I will ever be learning and refining. But I am thankful to be a practicing bodyworker. 


Most of all, I love praying for my clients. I pray for my clients and everyone my hands come into contact with.  I pray before I go in to each massage. I pray for wisdom and healing. I pray that I meet you right where you are and that in His power, He could use me to show you a glimpse of His endless love for you.



Each massage therapy service is available for 60, 90, and 120 minute sessions.

Get in Touch

Praying Hands Massage Therapy
3097 Broad Street
Chattanooga, TN 37408

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Perfect for rejuvenating and reducing stress

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue

Intended to improve muscle pain and overall health

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